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Peptide Serum

Peptide Serum

Blue Water Spa
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Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Serum is a silky blend of plant actives and peptides designed to be applied atop a moisturizer, helping to lock in moisture and protect the skin barrier from the elements and environment. This serum forms a vapor-permeable membrane, allowing the skin to "breathe", to prevent moisture loss. Perfect for colder climates and those experiencing skin dehydration, called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Also makes a great makeup primer.
Primary function: Barrier support
Secondary function: Moisture boost for dehydrated and lipid dry skin
Why we love it

This is not your typical serum - Peptide Serum can actually be used as a lightweight oil-free moisturizer, as long as the skin is layered with adequate hydration underneath. Dehydrated and/or lipid dry skin will require an moisturizer with oil - Peptide Serum can be layered atop for added moisture benefits.

Who this is for

This is a staple product for all skin types. Because it is non-comedogenic and oil-free, and it has healing and anti-aging benefits, you may find that this is one of the easiest foolproof additions to your skincare routine.

How to use it

Apply 1-3 pumps onto the face, neck, and chest as the very last step in your routine. 

Key ingredients

    DIMETHICONE Prevents hypertrophic scarring and prevents moisture loss
    MATRIXYL 3000 Modules collagen expression and key components of the dermis
    GREEN TEA EXTRACT Photoprotective and anti-inflammatory