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EMSCULPT (legacy)

Introducing EMSCULPT®, The Machine That Works Your Body Out For You.

No Sweat Required!


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Build Muscle, Sculpt Your Body and Tighten Your Booty in Minutes! Say What?

Despite our best efforts, diet and exercise-resistant fat can keep us from achieving our desired body image. With the latest developments in non-invasive body contouring, surgery isn’t the only answer to capture your best angles. Engineered by BTL, one of the most renowned names in body definition, EMSCULPT® offers an unparalleled experience to help men and women tone muscle and shape their bodies. No sweating necessary!

How EMSCULPT® Works:

EMSCULPT® is a breakthrough non-surgical body contouring treatment that can safely and effectively tone the abdomen and buttocks.

Harnessing the power of non-invasive high intensity focused electromagnetic technology, this system stimulates muscle activity beyond that of a normal workout. Powerful muscle contractions induced by EMSCULPT® cause muscular tissue to acclimate these new conditions, causing inner structures to remodel themselves and craft a sculpted abdomen and a lifted buttocks.


*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.


EMSCULPT® Benefits


How Soon Can I See Results?

Many people usually feel an improvement right after their first treatment session. However, results become more drastic with an optimal EMSCULPT® treatment plan. Our body contouring specialists want to ensure you see the best possible results. During your initial consultation, one of our experts will carefully examine your desired treatment area, be it your abdomen, buttocks, or both, and discuss with you your aesthetic goals. From there, we can devise an EMSCULPT® treatment plan that can help you redefine your reflection. Results will vary from person to person.


Is EMSCULPT® Right For Me?

Since EMSCULPT® is non-surgical and non-invasive, almost anyone can benefit from this cutting-edge treatment. Ideally, candidates should be:
  • Looking for a non-invasive body contouring treatment
  • Committed to a healthy diet and consistent fitness regimen
  • Keeping realistic expectations in mind
Women who are pregnant or those who may have an embedded device such as a pacemaker or metal implant in the chosen treatment area may be referred to an alternative option. Our specialists can help you decide if EMSCULPT® may be suitable for you following an evaluation of your medical history during your appointment.



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