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"An Affordable, All-Natural Way to Improve Skin & Reshape the Body"

Cryo T-Shock Therapy Long Island

The only non-invasive, painless body contouring and toning system that can precisely diagnose, treat, and measure real slimming and toning results on your body. Cellulite and fat analysis using standard thermographic plates removes the guesswork from identifying and measuring the success of Cryo T-Shock treatments.

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A New Alternative to CoolSculpting® on Long Island, NY


The Cryo T Shock is cryogenic and thermogenic treatment to remove cellulite and undesired fat. Cryo T-Shock provides body contouring, slimming, toning and smoothing of skin. 

Why do you need cryo t shock?

Cryo T-Shock body sculpting is a non-invasive, painless all natural approach to body contouring, skin smoothing, and slimming. It can also be helpful in reducing unwanted fat or cellulite. By alternating between hot and cold temperature on the skin, fat cells are broken down and naturally flushed out through your lymphatic system in days to weeks after following the treatment.

Benefits of cryo t shock 

Fat Loss - Thermal shock reduces fat cells typically resistant to diet and exercise alone. By applying heat to relax fat cells through vasodilation, then administering an extended period of cold, fat cells drain through the lymphatic system.

Reduction in Cellulite - Thermal shock is a non-invasive procedure that impacts the causes of cellulite including protruding fat into the lower dermis. Using mechanical energy and micro-massage, thermal shock eliminates excess liquids through lymphatic drainage.

A Youthful Facial Appearance - When used around the face and neck, thermal shock triggers the production of collagen which smooths out facial lines and wrinkles. Dead cells get released from the body while healthy skin cells activate. Before and after photos show the results of anti-aging facials using thermal shock.

Toned and Tightened Skin - Similar to collagen production, thermal shock also effectively improves skin elasticity thanks to significantly increased micro circulation triggered by the application of hot and cold procedures.

Pain Relief and Injury Recovery - Thermal shock has been shown to reduce pain and improve movement capability in patients with muscle and tendon disorders

Eliminates Fat Cells | Smooths Away Cellulite | Tightens Skin

Cryo Facials stimulate collagen production and increase micro-circulation. This then helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin. Cryo facials also restores radiance, soothes inflammation and improves skin texture and tone. 

The T-Shock reduces fatty deposits by using Thermal Shock. Call 516-584-6800 to learn more about this process or book an appointment to see for yourself.

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Cryo T-Shock therapy has helped many of our patients achieve amazing results. We offer several facial and body treatments, including abdomen treatments, leg treatments, gluteus treatments, back treatments, arm treatments, and more. Check out some of our before and after photos of clients who have had success with Cryo T-Shock therapy!

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