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ICOONE vs CoolSculpting Body Contouring: Understand the Differences

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Most people have at least one or two things they don't like about their appearance. Don't feel bad if you look in the mirror and see multiple areas of your body you want to change. You're not alone. More importantly, there are things you can do to improve problem areas without surgery. Whether you have an extra roll of belly fat or stubborn saddlebags that never seem to go away, body contouring can help.

ICOONE and CoolSculpting are two cutting-edge body contouring treatments. They can each help shape your silhouette without using sutures or scalpels. So, what's the difference between the two? And is there one option that's better for your needs than the other? Find the answers to these questions and more in this ICOONE vs. CoolSculpting guide.

ICOONE Overview

The ICOONE device uses microstimulators as part of its patented Roboderm® technology. The microstimulators rotate in various directions to stimulate the skin in various ways. The action of these microstimulators is referred to as Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS)l. This stimulation benefits the body in various ways. For example, it is commonly used to improve lymph drainage and contour the body in a non-invasive way.

Many people turn to ICOONE treatments to improve their silhouette's appearance without going under the knife. The ICOONE device uses suction rollers. These rollers provide a deep lymphatic massage while improving circulation. The device also uses LED and laser light to firm and tighten the skin. The unique function and design of the ICOONE device allow it to penetrate deeply into the skin and lymphatic tissues. As it penetrates the deepest subcutaneous tissue layers, it helps reduce fat deposits. It also boosts circulation and allows the body to drain trapped liquids.

ICOONE Benefits

There are several reasons people choose to receive ICOONE vs CoolSculpting. ICOONE treatment can benefit patients in the following ways:

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce bloating and water retention
  • Improves circulation and oxygenation throughout the body
  • Tightens loose skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production
  • Contours the body by using suction to reduce the appearance of fat deposits

Many patients find it particularly helpful to receive ICOONE treatments after liposuction or weight loss. Sometimes, liposuction and weight loss can reveal lumpy or misshapen areas of the body. The appearance of these areas may be improved with ICOONE treatment.

CoolSculpting Overview

Like ICOONE, CoolSculpting can help contour the body in a non-surgical manner. But the technology behind ICOONE vs. Coolsculpting is different. CoolSculpting uses a technology called cryolipolysis to reduce the appearance of adipose tissue and shape the body.

The working principle behind cryolipolysis is that it’s much easier to freeze fat cells than other cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body conveniently disposes of them. Next, it sends macrophages (a type of white blood cell) to consume the frozen cells. This process can take up to a few months to complete. For this reason, it can take weeks or months to see optimal results from CoolSculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting Benefits

In clinical studies, more than 86% of patients who received cryolipolysis treatment (such as that used in CoolSculpting) experienced improvements in subcutaneous fat1. The procedure is clearly effective at reducing fat deposits and helping to achieve a more sculpted physical appearance. Here are some of the most notable benefits CoolSculpting provides.

  • Tightens and sculpts the body
  • Requires no incisions
  • Improves the appearance of common “problem areas”
  • Reduces fat deposits
  • Requires no recovery time

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. However, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can help improve the shape of your physique. It can also reduce the appearance of stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise.

Choosing Which Option Is Right for You

It can be challenging to choose between ICOONE vs. CoolSculpting. This is mainly because both body contouring treatments are highly effective. However, ICOONE may be a better choice if you want to contour the body while stimulating lymph movement and flow. ICOONE also works quite well for reducing puffiness due to water retention in the body.

CoolSculpting may be the right choice for you if you are a healthy weight but can’t seem to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. Whether you have a bulky stomach, back, or thigh, CoolSculpting can gently improve your physique. It does this by helping your body eliminate excess subcutaneous fat after each cooling cycle.

Get Help Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Body Shaping Needs

If you still can’t decide between ICOONE vs. CoolSculpting in Oyster Bay, New York, Blue Water Spa can help. Give us a call today at (516) 584-6800 to schedule a complimentary consultation or learn more about gentle, body-shaping ICOONE treatments.

ICOONE vs CoolSculpting FAQs

How Much Do ICOONE vs CoolSculpting Treatments Cost?

The cost of ICOONE vs CoolSculpting treatments can differ substantially. The size of your treatment area and the number of treatments received can impact your final bill. However, the average cost of an ICOONE session is somewhere between $200 and $500. The average cost of a CoolSculpting session ranges between $2,000 and $4,000.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of ICOONE Treatments?

ICOONE treatments have no known side effects and require no healing time. They are very gentle and completely noninvasive. The treatments themselves are not painful. Some people describe the suction-cup sensation as unusual but relaxing.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of CoolSculpting Treatments?

There are few side effects associated with CoolSculpting treatments. Some people may feel a gentle tugging or pulling sensation during the procedure. Others describe a pinching or stinging sensation accompanied by intense coldness. Afterward, it’s normal to feel mildly sore. Some patients also report numbness or tingling after treatment.

One rare but possible side effect is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This can happen when the targeted fat cells get bigger rather than smaller. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia can only be resolved with surgery.